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Ina has lived in the Pacific Northwest her entire life, except for her college years spent in Southern California.  Her love of Oregon drew her back after college and she has lived here since.  She joined Cathy Merz Insurance, Inc. in November 2016 and is licensed in both Oregon and Washington.

Ina graduated from Whittier College in 1996 and started out with a career in Human Resources.  After a few years in the work force, Ina and her husband started a family and Ina chose to stay home with her three small children until 2013.  During her time home with kids, Ina was involved in her children’s school; chairing the Auction, running fundraisers and working part time at the school as well.  Ina returned to the workforce full time in an administrative position in the Fall of 2015 and decided that the challenge of the Insurance world excited her.

In her spare time, Ina enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and her mom.  She enjoys sports, especially when her kids are playing, reading, and relaxing with Family.